Paris Tour, 2005

Whilst the 2004 summer course was very local, geared to intensive rehearsals for the 60th anniversary concert, Reading Youth Orchestra went further afield in 2005, visiting Paris from 14 – 29 July.

Concerts given included:

Tuesday 26 July: German Lutheran Church, 25 rue Blanche.

Wednesday 27 July: Eurodisney, Paris

Thursday 28th July: Eglise de la Madeleine, where the orchestra attracted an audience of more than 500 and were asked to play Elgar’s Nimrod again as an “encore”.

Returning to Reading on Friday 29 July, they performed their Leavers’ Concert the following day at Leighton Park School.

Note: Earlier RYO tours abroad include Noordwijk, Holland, in 2002 and Tuscany in 2003.