Future concerts

Leichlingen conductor lunapic
Composer Caitlin Harrison, who will compose a piece for us as part of the Adopt a Music Creator project.

Premiere of our new work by Caitlin Harrison
Saturday 29th October 2022

Join us at the Aldworth Philharmonic Orchestra's 20th Anniversary Concert to hear the premiere of our Adopt a Music Creator work.

Making Music supports and champions leisure-time music across the UK; amongst other activities it runs a project called Adopt a Music Creator. This project brings together music groups and music creators to collaborate on creating a brand new piece of music. Making Music selected us in partnership with the Aldworth Philharmonic Orchestra to take part, which we were delighted about! We are excited to be paired with composer Caitlin Harrison for this year, which will culminate in a premiere performance on Saturday 29th October 2022, as well as a recording and a radio broadcast.

Read our announcement of the AaMC pairing
Read APO’s announcement of the AaMC pairing

RYO and APO will announce more details about the concert, including the full programme, and we will share this here.
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