Building our new website

- By Abbey Hardy, Daniel Hobart and Pippa Moore

Today we (along with the invaluable contribution of Bernie the dog) have been hard at work digitalising our archives and setting up the brand new RYO website! We’ve spent the day playing detective tracing back loose photographs, pouring over endless programmes, and abusing Mel’s poor scanner. We have now fully digitalised three boxes of old records along with photographs, booklets, and original documents dating back to when the orchestra was first formed.

We have also taken this opportunity to reboot the website with new photos, blog posts (like this one!), and information which will hopefully be relevant to existing, prospective and past members. One of our favourite parts of today has been going through our RYO videos and photos from the past years; no doubt you’ll be seeing a few screenshots from them scattered across the website! Despite Mel’s insistence to ‘never build a website’, she has done an excellent job at
doing just that. Doubtless you will already be able to tell the difference!

Check us out hard at work: